Multiple DJs Available

Located in Campbell River, our experienced DJs service mid to northern Vancouver Island, covering an area from Parksville to Port Hardy.

Over Quarter Million Songs

We pride ourselves in a large variety of music and work hard to play to all audiences. Everyone deserves to have a great time!

More Than Just Music

We offer special uplighting, projectors, projection screens, and full karaoke services. Always looking for ways to make your event exceptional.

Save Your Date

MiškoDJs has several experienced DJs and can handle multiple events on most days. However, some dates are more popular and get fully booked quickly. To avoid disappointment, save your date today!

See if we have a DJ available, select the date of your event below and click "check availability"

DJ Services

Whether it’s a wedding, a seasonal party or a formal business event, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team will get to know you during your consultation as you choose play lists / do-not-play lists, and decide on additional services or equipment such as uplighting, projectors, flatscreen TVs and full karaoke service. Our DJs are known for reading the crowd; using our vast song catalogue and variety of music genres to entertain you and your honoured guests. We believe communication is vital and keeping on top of the details helps make every event successful.

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Wedding Packages

Over 80% of our business is weddings and ceremonies, so naturally we love 'Happily Ever After' moments! We have a variety of wedding packages available and will help you select the one that best fits your needs and budget. From ceremony to cocktail ambience to dancing the night away, we will provide service above and beyond to help you create memories that last lifetimes!

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Hourly Rentals

Planning a party? Setting up a promotional event? We got you covered with all the necessary gear. We can provide mics, speakers, lighting and music for any occasion. Need something else? We are happy to assist. We are famous for our Christmas parties and New Years Eve celebrations; we look forward to packing your dance floor. Guests will be talking about your party for years to come! Book early!

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Client Portal

Plan your event timeline! Select your special songs! Manage guest music requests! The Client Portal is free of charge with each booking. It is a very helpful business management database where last minute alternations are immediately communicated with the DJs. With the portal, our clients can personalize profiles and gain access to various online tools. There are many options to assist in the planning process.

About Us

Welcome to MiškoDJs, providing top quality mobile DJs, online event planning tools and exceptional customer service for all your events; specializing in weddings, ceremonies and receptions. We are based in Campbell River, servicing mid to northern Vancouver Island. We may have celebrated with you at an event under our prior name Top Quality Music, a subsidiary of “All In One Party Shop”. We promise to maintain and exceed the high standards they established over the past 20+ years. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and outstanding entertainment for all our clients....

In 2019, after several years of working as a DJ for Top Quality Music, I (Misko) had a desire to go off on my own and develop my own company. I approached the owner and after hearing my passion and desire to grow the business, she offered me to buy the company. With her blessing, a 5-year plan was fast forwarded to what we are now, a staff of multiple DJs and event staff with inherent dedication and experience. I was honored and a bit nervous, but overall, I was ecstatic at the opportunity. One of my childhood dreams just became a reality.

We have a great team of like-minded professional DJs and event staff who genuinely enjoy their job and want to make your event as successful as it can be. We are proud of the team we have built, and we are continuously looking for more quality people to join our staff.

At MiškoDJs, we want to make your event as extraordinary and memorable as possible. We know how hard planning an event can be and how overwhelming it can become, that’s why we are prepared to give you the highest level of customer care, instilling confidence so you can enjoy the event with your guests.

What Makes Us Special

A full dance floor and witnessing people having a great time is a guilty pleasure. Repeatedly filling the dance floor is beyond exciting. Over the years we realized there were some inconsistencies from one DJ to the next. This is not regarding their talent or experience, but the set up and quality overall. We really believe in the finer details, things customers may never know we are even doing, and we learnt along the way that this extra effort was never wasted. We like being prepared, communication is key and forward planning is second nature. This is a standard we strive to uphold as a team, providing consistency and quality which builds trust with our clients. It’s what we want MiškoDJs as a company to be known for.

About Miško

Throughout my life, music has been my constant, the heartbeat of my soul! I have been mixing music and DJing since the 1990s, but I consider myself more than just a DJ. The skills are much the same, reading the room and the crowd, getting everyone into a dancing groove. But I consider myself more of a Music Curator. To get a better idea of this term, this site has an awesome explanation. I pride myself on learning my audience to generate an atmosphere with the music. I want to understand the crowd, make the most of an event and have them feeling like they never want the party to end....

As I was taking over and restyling the business, I saw a void in the technology and the process, there was plenty of room for improvement. Updating the equipment was my first step, out with the old and in with the new. I staged standard DJ kits to set in familiarity and decrease unexpected complications during gigs. Managing our music library is a constant process and its ever growing. Although I cannot say for sure, I am quite confident we have the most music, and I am proud of that.

Hiring top quality DJs is essential and keeping them busy is my goal. We have decades of experience, and we’re always looking for more people to add to our staff. My desire is, if we cannot provide a DJ from our "stable", we want to help you find the next most capable DJ available. We plan to build a trustworthy network of the BEST DJs on Vancouver Island.

Our reputation speaks for itself!

We work hard to maintain an excellent reputation and do not want to misrepresent ourselves in any way. We are proud of the many fans we have made over the years. Social media is everything when it comes to entertainment. We plan to further our reputation by building a stronger online persona, more Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. We are currently working on design development and branding; dedicated on improving all that we do and to make sure everyone knows about us. ...

We are excited to provide a Client Portal which is a communication management product that helps us work with our clients, venues, and other vendors. The online tools will save time and ease the planning process over typical pen & paper, and it will streamline our communication with clients which is important to us. We are committed to making our clients feel like VIPs, after all, that's what we feel they are!


Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has an inquiring mind! If this section does not answer your question(s), please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to celebrate with you.

We require a non-refundable deposit of approximately 30%. Depending on your booking, it is generally around $250. If your requested date has an available DJ, we will hold your date for two weeks while you get your deposit to us. Once the deposit is received, your event date is secured! The remaining balance is due THREE WEEKS PRIOR to the event.

The client may request a specific representative (DJ) for their event, however, staff availability is subject to change and staff assignments are not guaranteed. We will do our best to honour the client's request. All employees are thoroughly vetted, trained, and experienced to maintain our reputation and we reserve the right to replace your assigned staff member with an equally skilled individual should circumstances require such action.

When it's necessary for the DJ to stay overnight, proper accommodations are to be provided by the client. If we are required to arrange the accommodations for the DJ, the cost of the room plus a $25 surcharge will be added to the client's invoice. Travel is added to the invoice at a rate of approximately $0.65/km both ways.

We provide request sheets that list numerous "special" moments that can help couples think of appropriate song titles. Not everything has to be filled out. Clients can add their own categories if they wish. We hope they share favourite songs, bands, and styles; more importantly songs, bands, or styles they DO NOT like or want to hear. We offer a dozen requests slots, which will give our experienced DJ a good idea of what to play. We encourage clients to keep the list on the short side as it really pigeonholes the DJ if they have too many songs to play. If couples need more help, we can happily offer suggestions.

The short answer is yes; however, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be played. The DJ has the final say in this regard. All requests will be considered on an individual basis and fit in to a playlist at the DJs discretion.

Yes, if it is explicitly due to MiškoDJs staff's negligence. The Client will not hold MiškoDJs responsible for any damages caused to venue, site, or persons, nor for any persons injured while attending the event. Should any equipment owned by MiškoDJs become damaged by anyone involved with the Client’s event, caused by the negligence of either the Client, any of the event guests, any party crashers, or any non-guest member (another vender) working at the venue for the event, the Client shall remit payment for the full replacement value within 30 days.

All gigs were either cancelled or postponed. That hit hard, like many businesses, yet we managed to survive. A little wiser and stronger than before! We did learn some things, initially we returned ALL monies paid to people who had to cancel, including the non-refundable deposits, and with no cancellation charges. It was very stressful times, we didn't want to add more to our clients, we felt that a full refund was best. Luckily for us, about a third of our clients postponed instead, waiting out the pandemic with us. We added a COVID clause to our contract moving forward that we think is fair to both parties.

We added into our contract a special COVID clause for future pandemics, "IF THERE IS AN OFFICIAL ORDER to cease group events by the BC authority, thereby, cancelling the event. MiškoDJs will refund monies paid, minus 50% of the non-refundable deposit, and no cancellation fees will be charged".

Contact Information

141 South McLean St.
Campbell River, BC V9W 5J5

(250) 287-2867

Contact Information

141 South McLean St.
Campbell River, BC
V9W 5J5

(250) 287-2867